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Last Modified Column


By SoBeGuy - 30 Jul 2021

In the Log Files & Filters pane, it would be nice if there was a Last Modified column. This would allow you to quickly view all your monitored files and determine when each one was last modified. I know you can create notifications, but this would be more useful for situations where you miss a notification or whatever. You could also make it sortable by the last modified date.
By LogViewPlus Support - 31 Jul 2021

Hi SoBe,

Thanks for the feedback.

I think this is a good idea and we need to do something here.  I think a customized view which allows users to add additional columns to the tree view - such as a last modified date - makes a lot of sense.  I would not want to put this column in automatically because I am not sure that it is something needed by everyone, but I think it definitely makes sense as a configuraiton option.

I will look into it and post back here when we have something in ready for release.

Thanks again!