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Hide Taskbar Icon


By SoBeGuy - 30 Jul 2021

LVP has an option to run in the notification area, but it still displays a taskbar icon, which takes up space and is annoying. For this type of application, which is always open and running in the background, I prefer to have it only show up in the notification area, not in the taskbar. Could you please provide this option?
By LogViewPlus Support - 31 Jul 2021

Hi SoBe,

If you are running LogViewPlus from the notification area, the application will only be shown in the taskbar when needed.  To remove the application from the taskbar, simply close it using Alt+F4, or the window close button in the upper right corner, or click the icon in the notification area.  This will not shut down the application, it just hides it by removing it from the taskbar.

To restore LogViewPlus, click the icon in the notification area.  LogViewPlus will then appear in the taskbar.

To fully exit the application, you need to right click on the notification icon and select 'Exit'.

Hope that helps,

By SoBeGuy - 31 Jul 2021

Yeah, that works fine, thanks!