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Improve Save Configuration Dialog


By SoBeGuy - 31 Jul 2021

The Save Configuration dialog automatically opens when there's a parsing error. However, the dialog doesn't specify which file triggered the error. When you're using a pattern to monitor many files, this makes it difficult to track down which file is causing the problem. Therefore, I'd like this dialog to provide specifically which file or files failed to parse.
By LogViewPlus Support - 31 Jul 2021

Hi SoBe,

Thanks for the suggestion.  I take your point and I will have a think about how we can make this more clear.

In the meantime, if you double click the icon to the to the far left of the log configuration (or hover over it) it will give you the file name.  You can also double-click the log configuration to open the Parser Wizard which will show the name of the file in the "Test File Name".

The issue here is that users are often opening one file at a time, so the 'failure' file will be pretty obvious.  Maybe a better solution would be to add an additional 'file' column if multiple configurations are shown.  ...of course, this wouldn't help very much if only one out of 10 files failed to open. 

Something to think about.  Thanks again for the suggestion.

By LogViewPlus Support - 9 Dec 2021

Hi Brad,

In the latest LogViewPlus beta release v2.5.44, we have revisited the Save Configuration form to provide a tool tip of the files impacted by the suggested configuration:

We had two issues with adding an additional column.  First, we want to keep this form small and easy to understand.  Adding an additional column would require making the form larger and would also appear at first glance to duplicate information in the 'File Pattern' column.  Second, as suggested by the image, a given pattern can match more than one file.

Hope that helps,

By SoBeGuy - 9 Dec 2021

I'll give it a try, thanks!