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LogViewPlus 2.6.3


By LogViewPlus Support - 9 May 2022

LogViewPlus 2.6.3 is now available with a brand new feature – Text Transformations. Transformations allow you to convert log entry information into another text based format. A basic use case might be using the data in a parsed log entry to populate a SQL statement. For example:

The number of use cases is really only limited by your creativity. Maybe you want to generate some standard HTML or convert log entries into a custom format for export? Text transformations are flexible enough to support a number of different scenarios – it’s really up to you.

We think Text Transformations are a really powerful idea, but it is an unusual feature that will not be useful for everyone. It is worth experimenting a bit to learn the tool. Transformations are the kind of feature that you may not need very often – but when you do need it they are awesome!

This release also continues our focus on the Parse Message command. From now on, if a parent filter contains a parsed message, the child will use the same grid structure. In other words, the parsed columns will be displayed instead of the original log entry message.

As usual, this release contains a ton of polish and enhancements. We have fixed a number of issues and tried to clean up the usability in a few different places. This includes a number of enhancements for machines with high DPI settings as well as a good number of bug fixes.

That's it for now. Check out the latest release and let us know what you think!