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Show combined log file colours/path against the file list and prompt for saving Bookmarks


By jobrien - 13 Jul 2022

Firstly great program, it will literally save me hours or work per week!!

There are a couple of things that I have noticed since I started using the program

When using a combined file, a unique colour is allocated to the rows from each file, this would be great if the matching file from the file selector on the left could also be highlighted in the same colour (not the best example here, but in my situation I could have exactly the same file name from multiple sources and it would allow a quick reference as to which file is linked to which section without having to click on  a row)

In addition to the colours it would be great to have the option to see the file path (even relative to the monitoring directory) in the grid or next to the file names also (once again, due to multiple directories having logs with the same name)

Secondly I really like the bookmarks feature and spent an hour adding bookmarks to a set of files that I was investigating and saved the workspace only to find out later that bookmarks are not part of saving a workspace (I found the correct method of Saving the Analysis later) but I would have loved a prompt to do that when I originally closed the program after doing the work the first time!!
By LogViewPlus Support - 13 Jul 2022

Thanks for the feedback - glad to hear you are finding LogViewPlus helpful.  Smile

You have raised some good points here.  At the moment, these are best addressed with two small features you may not have noticed:

1.  Hovering over the row indicator (the log file color indicator) will show a tool tip indicating which log file owns the log entry.

2.  At the bottom of the application there is a status indicator showing the full path to the current log file.

I think both of those approaches offer a poor solution to what you are looking for - but that is the best I can recommend at the moment.

In future, maybe we could add a context menu on the row indicator called "Identify Log Files" which adds a column to the Log File List displaying the appropriate row indicator color.  Would that help?

Directory paths are a bit trickier.  Putting these next to the log file name would take up a lot of real estate for something of limited value - or no value in the case of filters.  Maybe we could add some kind of naming functionality which pulls a single directory name into the name of the file.  Maybe something array based where "Directory[3]\My File" displays "Dev\My File" where "Dev" is index 3 in the Directory array.  I can't really think of a way to make that user friendly though.  Hmmm....

One thing you could do is rename the file or, possibly, put it into a category:

> bookmarks are not part of saving a workspace

That's odd.  Bookmarks should be saved with the workspace.  What version of LogViewPlus are you using?  I just tested this in 2.6.5 and the feature seems to be working correctly.

Hope that helps.  Thanks for the feedback!

By jobrien - 14 Jul 2022

Hi Toby,

Thanks for the prompt reply!

The hover over the colour and taskbar entries will help greatly thanks, the idea of a future improvement for the 'Identify Logs' sounds good.

The pathing I can understand why it may be a display/useability issue, where it would work in limited cases, but just be problematic elsewhere.

As for the bookmarks, I am on version 2.6.5 (only started using it this week)

Is there a way that I can DM or send you a screen video of what I am experiencing (maybe related to setup)

By LogViewPlus Support - 14 Jul 2022

Thanks for your understanding.  I will keep thinking about the 'path problem'.  I am sure there is a way to handle it more elegantly.

It does seem you have found some kind of bug or limitation with bookmarks.  Please feel free to email us directly.

Thanks again,

By jobrien - 14 Jul 2022

The bookmarks issue does seem to be linked to just one group of files (I opened up a single log and added a bookmark, which returned when I re-opened the workspace)

If I find a repeatable scenario that causes this issue I will let you know.

Thanks for your assistance!
By LogViewPlus Support - 15 Jul 2022

Thanks for the update.  Repeatability is often key to resolving these issues, so any help there would be greatly appreciated.