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Using my corporate licens on more than one computer


By dennisl68-castra - 17 Jan 2023

My impressions was that the corporate license was per user.

But when I try to register the license with the same user, using the offline license-key from the first set-up, I get an error message stating

Verification Failed
Unable to verify your registration details. Would you like...
By LogViewPlus Support - 17 Jan 2023


LogViewPlus is licensed per user and can be registered on multiple machines while the support contract is active.  Once registered, LogViewPlus will work indefinitely on the target machine.  

It sounds like the problem here is that you are trying to use the same registration on two different machines.  All LogViewPlus installations must be registered separately.

Hope that helps,

By dennisl68-castra - 17 Jan 2023

I did start a separate registration using my license key.
But, that was what I assumed since I got the same request string on the second machine when entering my license.
And that request string will of course generate the same license key.
By LogViewPlus Support - 17 Jan 2023

Computer name is a factor when generating the machine registration key, so the returned value should not be the same unless the machine names are the same.  

Are you still in the support period for your license key?   New registrations are prohibited outside of the support window.  You can check the status of your license key at:

By dennisl68-castra - 17 Jan 2023

The computer names are different and the license key checks out ok.
Is the license perhaps hard coded to the email address I used during the purchase?
I was aiming at using a different name internally (still in the same domain).
By LogViewPlus Support - 17 Jan 2023

No.  Corporate licenses are tied to an email domain.  However, a separate email address would classify as another user.  You must use the target users own email address on the domain when registering.

So you used a different email address with a different machine name and you got back the same registration key?  Are you using manual registration?
By dennisl68-castra - 17 Jan 2023

No, the same email-address as I used for the setup on the first machine as it is for the same user.

But are you saying that the registered domain name for the license must be the UPN-name of the user in that AD?
We are using a private name space for the AD (and some machine setups are stand alone).

But the Registration Wizard says email and not UPN...
By dennisl68-castra - 17 Jan 2023

Oh, I goofed it.
I mixed up the two generated liencekeys.
(Nothing to see here, move along. Move along Wink )
By LogViewPlus Support - 17 Jan 2023

Glad to hear you got it working Dennis - thanks for letting me know!