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Parser - TimeStamp unix timestamp


By Acrimonis - 7 Sep 2023


Is it possible to use a unix timestamp as a parsed date? (https://www.unixtimestamp.com/)

Sorry, I dint find it neither in the doc, neither by google search...

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Log entry example (jmetercsv  output):

1692286836555,248,WS> Dispensations_List_B,200,,Playground - 1000000 1-11,text,true,,18943,1842,20,20,https://[serverURL]/api/action?page=1&count=10&type=B,248,0,16

By LogViewPlus Support - 7 Sep 2023

Thanks for reaching out. 

Yes, LogViewPlus can parse Unix dates.  This can actually be done by highlighting the date field and selecting the Date Time option from the Parser Wizard:

LogViewPlus can parse the date using the Elapsed time specifier or "%d{Elapsed}".

A simplified parse of this log line might then be:

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