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License for automated packaging


By raka - 26 Mar 2020

Hello Support Team,
we have a license for 20 users, after running the setup the user has to enter license key and e-mail address to register. Is there a option to run the setup in dark mode? We would like to automate the setup without user interaction.

If possible please give me some contact phone number.

Thank you.
By LogViewPlus Support - 26 Mar 2020

Hi Raka,

We do offer a machine licensing option for users who purchase a Corporate License Pack.  These keys can target a machine name with a wildcard or an Active Directory domain.  So, a single machine key can be used to install on multiple machines.

However, LogViewPlus is still licensed per user.  In this scenario, you are responsible for ensuring you have enough user licenses to cover your install base.  This will not be a problem unless your number of users exceeds 50 - but I just wanted to make that clear.

Sorry - we do not currently offer phone based support.

Hope that helps,

By raka - 26 Mar 2020

Hi Toby,
thank you for the fast support. How can we switch the licensing model to Corporate License Pack? 
Some other contact options for our license management team?

Regards, raka
By LogViewPlus Support - 26 Mar 2020

Hi Raka,

If you contact me privately with your existing license details, I will see what we can do.  You can contact me here:  https://www.logviewplus.com/contact.aspx

If you would like a phone number for licensing, you should ask FastSpring.  Clearcove manufactures LogViewPlus and FastSpring is responsible for sales.  You can contact FastSpring here:  https://fastspring.com/question-a-charge/