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By androidotai - 10 Nov 2020

Dear LogViewPlus team,

I am really happy to use your product.

How about if you can add new future for reading logs from Kubernetes?

By androidotai - 10 Nov 2020

My suggestion is either use 'kubectl cp' command to copy log files from pods to host system, or 'kubectl logs' to directly read logs from pods.
By LogViewPlus Support - 10 Nov 2020


Thanks for the feedback. 

I am not very familiar with Kubernetes.  Is the issue accessing log files inside of Kubernetes or parsing the log files generated?  Can you give me more detail on what you are trying to do?


By LogViewPlus Support - 10 Nov 2020

Just saw your update.

Are you familiar with custom commands?  Would this help you solve the problem?
By androidotai - 11 Nov 2020

Already tried and it help.

But everything still in manual. Cuz I use 'kubectl logs' command to get the logs and store it to file. Then, manually import the file to workspace. 
I am looking for a way to auto import the file to workspace. And also if possible to directly tail the log from 'kubectl logs -f' command.

Will explore future on this.

It will be great if it can integrate with kubernetes.

Anyway, thanks yall.
By LogViewPlus Support - 11 Nov 2020

I see what you mean.  I agree that we can do better here.

I think we need a new command type that is very similar to the 'Open' command, but does not require a file to trigger the action.  The 'Open' command should probably be renamed to something like 'Transform' or 'Preprocess'.  

The new command type should integrate with the file system browser rather than the core application.  Maybe a 'Commands' folder under 'Quick Access' next to 'History'?

That's interesting and I can see where it would be powerful in a number of different use cases (not just Kubernetes).

Let me have a think about this and get back to you.  Hopefully, I can have something for you to test in a few weeks.

Thanks for the suggestion!

By LogViewPlus Support - 29 Dec 2020


Just a quick update to let you know that we have modified how commands work in the latest BETA release - v2.5.7.

In the latest version, External commands are capable of opening a file from the temp or target directory after the external command has completed execution.  The target directory will either be the Execution Directory (if provided) or the path to the target executable.

We also prompt users by default before executing commands. 

Putting these two changes together means you can modify your command just before execution to change details of the target file.  You will also be able to open a file without the need to create a predefined workspace.  I think these changes should handle the scenario you outlined above in a much cleaner way.  Please do let me know if you have any thoughts or suggestions.

Thanks again,

By dshunter - 22 Mar 2023

This is an old thread, but wondering if you have any plans for proper Kubernetes support.
The problem is we are moving to it, and right now VSCode is our best (but not very good) option for opening logs.
This was the main push back I had when trying to get our company to purchase some licenses for LogViewPlus.
By LogViewPlus Support - 22 Mar 2023

Hi Hunter,

Thanks for chasing this one.  Full Kubernetes support is something that we would really like to add.  

I have just done some research to try to see what's involved.  If I am understanding correctly, I think getting the logs will be relatively straight forward for us.  I can see a pretty solid Apache-licensed client library.  It looks like we could bundle that into a new Add-On

So the code should be easy.  The problem will be setting up the Kubernetes cluster for testing.  Between learning the system and setting up the environment, I am thinking there is probably a few weeks work here.  Maybe I am wrong?

If we could crack the testing issue, we could probably turn this around quick.  As it stands, it will be delayed until our other high-priority tasks are complete.  We are focused on reporting at the moment, so this may have to wait until next year.

Thanks for the suggestion,