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Report/Show time elapsed between log events


By RobSmyth - 6 Sep 2021

It would be great if LogViewPlus could show time elapsed between events in 2 filters. Very useful to harvest time taken metrics from log files.
If I setup a child filter for a start event such a "Starting XYZ" and another child event "XYZ completed" such as:
  • Logs
    • Starting XYZ
    • XYZ completed
I can (currently) view both and I can merge these filters. It I could use these filters as inputs to an expired time report then perhaps:
  • Show a view with elapse time and start & end events as details (bottom pane)
  • Show a report/graph of elapsed times over datetime
At the end of the day if I can export this to excel I have what I need.

Good or existing?

By LogViewPlus Support - 6 Sep 2021

Hi Robert,

Thanks for the feedback.

This is absolutely the kind of problem that we want LogViewPlus to solve.  Unfortunately, reporting is an area of LogViewPlus that is still in the rudimentary stages.  We have plans to rewrite this feature over the next 12 months, but for this issue I think we should focus on getting the data into Excel.

LogViewPlus has a special 'Elapsed' column:

This column contains a calculated value of the difference between the given log entry and the log entry preceding it in the grid view.  So, if you were able to create filters to isolate the start and end events and then merge those two filters, this column might contain the data you need.  This approach does assume a synchronous processing of events as the relationship between start and end is assumed.  It also requires that there are no additional log entries between 'start' and 'end'.

That should allow you to 'see' the data, but exporting it to CSV is a bit of an problem at the moment.  This is an oversight.  Fortunately, we have a BETA release planned for today.  I will add the ability to export the Elapsed data if the column is visible.

Once the CSV export feature is working correctly, you could consider setting up a Report Command.

Hope that helps,

By LogViewPlus Support - 7 Sep 2021

Hi Robert,

I just wanted to let you know that we have now released LogViewPlus 2.5.42 as a BETA release.  This release allows you to export the 'Elapsed' column data as a fraction of total seconds of elapsed time.  Note that the elapsed column will be exported only if it is visible in the Log Entry Grid.

Hope that helps,