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Get Purchase Order and sales contact


By JehanLAFORGUE - 23 Feb 2022

Hello all ! 

I would like to get a contact from Logviewplus Sales Team, to be able to purchase licences for the company I'm working in.

Since the purchase process in our company requires contact between our purchase team and our suppliers, we need to have someone to get a purchase order that fits our needs.

We currently need around 30 licenses (for now, it may increases in the future if all the team is satisfied with Logviewplus)

Have a nice day !
By LogViewPlus Support - 23 Feb 2022

Hi Jehan,

Thanks for your interest in LogViewPlus.

LogViewPlus is purchased from FastSpring who at as the merchant of record and are responsible for the collection and payment of sales taxes. Usually when companies purchase LogViewPlus, it is FastSpring who sign these types of contracts so you may need to contact FastSpring directly. Please feel free to contact us directly if you would like to discuss further over email.

If you are interested in 30 licenses, I would recommend a Corporate License Pack. This will give you 50 licenses at a lower cost. If you need a formal quote, you can generate one by following the instructions in our documentation.

Hope that helps,


By JehanLAFORGUE - 23 Feb 2022

Hi again,

Thanks for the fast reply !

I will forward this to my manager and we will advise from there.

Do you mind if we keep the topic opened here for a few days, to buy us some time to go through this ? Or do you prefer us to send you and email directly if we want more informations ?

Yours truly
By LogViewPlus Support - 23 Feb 2022

Thanks Jehan.

We do not close forum topics and our preference would be to share information on the forums as it may be helpful to someone else in the future.  Please do contact us over email if you find that more convenient.