Generating a Quote

To generate a quote, please complete the order process while selecting Wire Transfer or Purchase Order as the payment type.  There is no obligation to pay an order placed in this way.  The payment method can be changed at a later date.  Further information can be found below.

LogViewPlus made by Clearcove and sold by FastSpring who are the merchant of record and responsible for the collection and payment of all sales taxes.  If you are considering purchasing LogViewPlus, you can use their automated system to generate an invoice or quote if needed.

To generate a quote go to the LogViewPlus purchase page and select the type of license you are considering.  Note that Personal Licenses must be purchased by the end-user.

Next, enter the number of licenses needed.  Not that changing the purchase locale will also change the purchase currency.

Next, enter your company details such as address and contact email address.  License keys and post sale communications (such as renewals) will all be sent to the email address provided.  If you are purchasing on behalf of someone else, you will be able to reissue the license key after purchase.

If you need to generate a formal quote, it's important to select the Wire Transfer or Purchase Order option from the payment method menu as shown below.  The primary difference between these two options is that a purchase order will allow you to enter your purchase order number which will then be referenced in the final receipt.

Next, you will be given the option of supplying a VAT ID or coupon if applicable. 

Finally, click the Complete Order button.  If you are creating a wire transfer or purchase order, this will generate a quote and provide you with instructions on how to make a bank transfer.  More importantly, you will receive an email which contains a link to an HTML version of the quote. This link will be in a format similar to:

If you would prefer a PDF quote, simply add '/pdf' to the end of the URI.  For example:

Quotes generated through this process represent a non-binding intent to purchase and are valid for 45 days.  Quotes do not need to be paid by wire transfer. Instead, you will find a Pay Now link in both the email and online invoice which allows you to pay at your convenience.  This link will let you pay the invoice using a range of payment options including credit card or PayPal.

License keys will only be sent once FastSpring has received payment. If you decide to pay the invoice via wire transfer, please note that this may cause delays in receiving your license key. If you have paid by wire transfer and have not yet received your license key, we recommend waiting 3 - 5 days.  If you would like us to follow-up with FastSpring please don't hesitate to contact us.

Finally, please note that you are purchasing LogViewPlus from FastSpring and not Clearcove Limited.  Additional information about FastSpring including VAT number, DUNS, and W-9 can be found here.

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