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Time offset per logger?


By keli - 28 Apr 2022


The time offset feature is really helpful for me, when working on separate logfiles from separate sources.
However, in one of our applications, the log entries are collected centralized, with timestamps as provided by the logger.

This leaves me occasionally in the very odd situation, that I have skewed timestamps within the same logfile.

I guess this is not really a trivial feature to add, but would it be possible to enable a time offset that can be applied per logger in a log file?

By LogViewPlus Support - 28 Apr 2022

Hi Zoltan,

Thanks for the suggestion. 

I don't think this is a feature that we will be able to add on our side as I am not sure it would be useful for most users.  It is important to keep features simple where possible.

However, you can implement this functionality your self by writing a custom post processor.

Hope that helps,