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SharePoint ULS Logging


By dennisl68-castra - 17 Jan 2023

LogViewPlus does a very decent job of parsing SharePoint ULS log files.
However, I would like to see a parser/filter configuration available in the product OoB and perhaps a SharePoint wizard for fast setup.

The SharePoint generates a lot of logs that requires "some" tweakings before beeing really useful.
Do you have an area where filter- and parser settings can be shared with other users?
By LogViewPlus Support - 18 Jan 2023

Hi Dennis,

Thanks for the feedback.

LogViewPlus parses log files automatically by scanning the file and trying to make sense of it.  It has no built-in logic specifically for SharePoint logs - or any other application.

More detailed parsing is definitely possible, but it requires configuration.  We have a number of links to help with this, I would recommend starting with:

This is also something that I would be happy to help with.  If you can send me a few sample log entries along with the information you are trying to extract I can try to provide a sample configuration.  Sometimes this helps with the learning process.

The forum is a great place to share your configurations.  Please feel free to post your final configuration back on this thread.  Configurations provided by users may not be compatible for all target instances, but they can often provide a helpful starting point.  Especially if there is a discussion around the configuration.

Hope that helps,

By dennisl68-castra - 18 Jan 2023

I have no problems with the configuration Smile
I'm just saying that it would be faster for other new users that are trying out the product if we could share some basic settings with each other.
By LogViewPlus Support - 18 Jan 2023

If you share your before and after configuration, we may be able to build it into the format detection process.. 

We do have some built in parser detection for very common log files - for example W3C web logs.
By dennisl68-castra - 18 Jan 2023

Ok, I'll get back to you in a while when I'm done tinkering Smile