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How to save highlights for applying to other logs.


By BillG - 7 Jan 2020

I like the highlight function but would like the ability to save highlights similar to templates so they can be quickly applied to other logs not part of the same workspace.
There are often sequences that ​I would like to quickly identify in each log with highlights but right now, it appears I have to re-enter the highlights each time  open a log, or open in an existing workspace that already has highlights created.
The ability to quickly apply and remove highlights would be very helpful.​

Bill G.​​​
By LogViewPlus Support - 7 Jan 2020

Hi Bill,

LogViewPlus already has the ability to save highlights as a template.  It can be a little bit difficult to spot if you do not have any existing filters, but if you look at the bottom of the Add Template dialog...


These settings are discussed in more detail here:

This dialog could probably use a visual element to make the capability more clear.  Something to think about for the future.

Hope that helps.  Please let me know if you have any further questions or issues.

By BillG - 7 Jan 2020

This doesn't seem to do exactly what I want..... or I'm missing something.
If I create and save the highlight via a template, I have to select the template to highlight the text. This also filters the log to just those items​. If I then click off of the template in the left filter window, the highlight will remain, but if I close that filter, the highlight goes away.
So, this means that if I want to be able to highlight several different texts, I would need to apply a template each time​, then return back up the tree and be sure not to close any of the templates.

The only other option I see is to highlight text, right-click and ​select "highlight". This actually is what I want except it is not saved. If I open a new logfile in a different workspace, that is all lost and I have to do it over.

​​What would be nice is a definable dropdown list (similar to templates) of highlights that I could create, select and apply the highlight without filtering the log. Clicking "delete" in the highlights tab in lower left, would remove the highlight from the log text but not from the dropdown list.
By LogViewPlus Support - 7 Jan 2020

I think there may be some confusion over highlighting text vs filtering text.  Creating a text filter will (by default) also create a highlight.  If a highlight is associated with a filter, then closing the filter will also close the highlight.

Highlights can also be created independently of text filters.  There is a video demonstrating this here:

If you create highlights in this way, you should be able to save them as a separate template - see screenshot above.  Again, the screenshot is a little bit confusing because it does not 'show' the highlights that are being saved.

Hope that helps,

By BillG - 7 Jan 2020

…"or I'm missing something..."

​​​Ok, got it!  
By LogViewPlus Support - 7 Jan 2020

:-) Awesome!  Thanks for letting me know.