Add Template

Add Template

A template is a collection of pre-saved filters or highlights which can be applied to the current log file. Templates are useful when you find yourself frequently applying the same highlight, filter or set of filters to different log files in different LogViewPlus sessions.


Template Summary

1. Template Summary

The template summary shows what will be saved as part of this template. In the above example four filters will be saved.


Save Highlights

2. Save Highlights

The save highlights combo box allows you to specify how highlights should be saved in this template. Note that the template can contain any combination of filters and highlights. Highlights can be saved without a corresponding filter.

The highlight save options available are:

Do not save highlights: No highlights will be saved.

Save all user generated highlights: Only highlights explicitly created by the user will be saved. Highlights created automatically, such as through the creation of text filters, will not be saved.

Save all highlights: All highlights will be saved regardless of how they were created.


Template Name

3. Template Name

An easy to remember name for this template. This name will be used to populate the drop-down box which is displayed when you access the templates command from the toolbar.

If you choose an existing template, either by using the drop-down or typing the name manually, the existing template will be replaced.


Save Template

4. Save Template

Once you are done configuring your template you can save it or cancel the changes. Templates are saved across LogViewPlus sessions. Cancelled changes cannot be recovered.

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