Directory Manager

Directory Manager

Occasionally, you might find that you need to monitor an entire directory for new log files. This is particularly helpful in situations where you have rolling log files and the names of new log files are automatically generated. In these situations it's helpful to have a directory monitor which can poll a target directory and automatically open new files as needed.

The directory manager shows the list of currently monitored directories. Using this configuration screen you can edit and delete directory monitors.


Monitored Directory List

1. Monitored Directory List

The monitor directory list shows all of the currently monitored directories. In addition to the directory path it also shows the filename pattern, whether or not matched files are merged, and the number of files which have been matched so far. Double clicking a directory monitor will open the directory monitor dialog.



2. Close

Once you have configured the directories you want to monitor, you need to apply the changes in order to start monitoring the directory. Cancelled changes cannot be recovered.

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