Installing LogViewPlus

Installing LogViewPlus is easy. You can get started by downloading and running the LogViewPlus installation executable which is located on our download page. When downloading LogViewPlus, your browser may need confirmation to begin the download. For example, Internet Explorer may show a prompt at the bottom of the screen.

Once you have downloaded LogViewPlus, you can begin the installation process by locating the installer and double clicking it. The LogViewPlus installation will require elevated permissions to execute. Once running, you will see the main installation window:

Choose the directory where you want to install LogViewPlus, agree to the licensing terms and click 'Install' to begin the installation process.

At this point, if you are not running with elevated permission, you may be prompted by the User Access Control informing you that you are making changes to your computer. You will need to agree to make these changes for the installation process to continue.

You should see a screen which notifies you of progress. Something like:

The progress screen may take several minutes as assemblies need to be registered. During this time, the progress bar may not be updating. This is normal - please be patient.

Finally, you will see a screen informing you that installation is complete.

You are now ready to run LogViewPlus. It is important to note that starting LogViewPlus from the installation complete page will run LogViewPlus under the same user account as the installer. This may be problematic if you have installed LogViewPlus under a special account.

You may experience increased CPU activity for a minute or so after the installation has completed. Some libraries used by LogViewPlus may need to be compiled to target the current computer. Windows may continue processing these files after the installation process has completed.

If you have any problems with installing LogViewPlus, please have a look at our FAQ, or contact us for assistance.

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