Open Large Log Files

LogViewPlus can open and analyze gigabyte log files in a few seconds.

2 minute introduction to LogViewPlus

Quickly open large log files in Windows.

Large log files can be difficult to work with and tail is not enough. Most text editors will crash if you try to open a log file greater than about 500 MB, but LogViewPlus was designed from the ground up with large log files in mind. With LogViewPlus, your ability to open large log files is constrained only by the amount of system memory you have available.

Use a text editor to edit text.
Use a log viewer to view log files.

LogViewPlus can...

  • Quickly open and analyze large log files
  • Open a part of a log file to limit log entries
  • Tail remote log files with FTP, SFTP and FTPS
  • Work with text, CSV, XML and JSON
  • Merge multiple log files into a single view
  • Graph log entires by time or category
  • Automatically detect log file formats
  • Transform your log files into meaningful data

Open Large Log Files

Large Log Files

Struggling with 4GB log files in notepad?

LogViewPlus loves large log files and can open a 500 MB log file in about 30 seconds (depending on your hardware). Opening larger files is constrained only by the amount of memory you have on your machine.

But LogViewPlus can also do something a bit smarter. It can divide the file into chunks and let you decide which chunk you are interested in. You can even open multiple chunks and then merge your logs as needed.

Tail in Windows done right!

Tail Log Files

LogViewPlus processes real-time log file updates through functionality similar to the Unix 'tail' command which tracks log entries as they are written to the log file. This means you immediately see the new log entries in your log viewer. No need to mess around with a refresh button. Tail log files in windows like a pro. No command line required.

Tail Log Files From Anywhere

LogViewPlus includes built in support for technologies like SFTP, FTP, SCP, and SSL as well as mapped drives and Samba shares. Because the world is full of networks and often the log files you need do not exist on your local machine. Now you can read and tail all of your log files in Windows without starting a telnet session.

Tail Remote Log Files

Merge Log Files

With LogViewPlus, you can open as many log files as you need and press a button to combine them. Merged log file entries are automatically sorted by date so the information appears to be written by a single process. Merging log files can give you greater insight into how multiple processes are interacting with each other.

Merge Log Files

Quick Data Filters

Filtering your log files is better than searching because filters can be chained. For example, you can narrow your log file down to a particular thread and then search just within that thread. Filters can also be applied automatically while tailing the log file. This is similar to how tail and grep work, but completely redesigned for Windows.

Filter Log Files

Do more than just open large log files.

LogViewPlus is a full featured log file analysis program that can do so much more.
Check out some of our other great features and a our two minute overview video.