Open Zip Files

LogViewPlus can execute shell commands.  This gives you a lot of flexibility in deciding how to accomplish a task.  In this video, we create an 'Open' command to open and load the contents of a zip file.  For more information please see the Commands documentation.

Note that the the Zip file solution outlined in the video above is simplified for clarity.  In the real world, it has a problem in that it does not first remove the existing files from the target extract directory.  To work around this problem, you will need to create a batch file.  Working with the above example, you could create a batch file with the commands:

RD /S /Q %Temp%\ExtractedZips

peazip -ext2simple %1 %Temp%\ExtractedZips

You would then instruct LogViewPlus to execute the batch file rather than peazip.exe.  The batch file should be executed with the ${TARGET_PATH} argument.  Please see the documentation for more information on Argument Templates.