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LogViewPlus Support
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Beginning January 1, 2019 we will be introducing a new pricing structure. The new payment options will be:

Individual License ($45) - A personal use license that cannot be transferred.
Corporate License ($95 per user) - A standard transferable license.
Corporate License Pack ($2000) - A pack of 50 Corporate Licenses. Multiple packs can be purchased.

We will also be introducing a new 3-year renewal option at a 75% discount.

This is more than just a price change, this is taking LogViewPlus in a new direction.

LogViewPlus has been on an introductory offer since we launched. Our previous pricing was far below our competitors and this helped us get in front of paying customers who could provide feedback. This was critical as we wanted the direction of the product to be set by people who appreciated its value.

Since it's introduction as a log highlighting tool, LogViewPlus has matured as a product. Not only is the product more stable, but the feature set has expanded beyond our initial expectations. LogViewPlus has evolved into a market leading tool for analyzing log files on demand and we've reached a point where we need to be held to a higher standard. We are confident the new pricing structure will enable us to continue to invest in LogViewPlus so that it can reach it's maximum potential.

Customer feedback will continue to drive LogViewPlus development. Our product road map over the next 12 months will be shifted to focus on enterprise features including reading from the Windows Event Log and other data sources.

This is going be an exciting year for LogViewPlus. We have a lot of new features planned including a few market firsts which we will be announcing in the next few months.

Thanks for your support,

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