Tail & Grep for Windows

LogViewPlus gives you real-time log file monitoring with advanced search.

Tail and Grep log files in Windows with ease.

There is a good reason why Tail and Grep are standard tools in every developer's toolbox. These programs are great at helping you manage your log files. LogViewPlus does an even better job because it goes a step further and parses your log files. It understands your logs. This gives you filtering and navigation options beyond those available in a typical text editor.

Use a text editor to edit text.
Use LogViewPlus to read log files.

LogViewPlus can...

  • Tail files in real-time like 'tail -f' in unix
  • Watch multiple files simultaniously
  • Grep for matching text or regex
  • Auto-detect logging formats
  • Open very large log files
  • Open log files over the network
  • Support any character set provided by windows
  • Allows flexible configuration
  • Similar to Tail and Grep, but for Windows
  • Fully supported

Tail in Windows done right!

When you are analysing log files, you often need to read from the file in near real-time. LogViewPlus processes real-time updates through functionality similar to the Unix 'tail' command which tracks log entries as they are written to the log file. This means you immediately see the new log entries in your log viewer. No need to mess around with a refresh button – everything happens automatically.

Better than Grep

Filtering your log files is better than grep because filters are column specific which decreases the chance of a false positive. Also filters can be moved and chained. For example, you can narrow your log file down to a particular thread and then filter just within that thread. As new records are read from the log file, the filter will automatically be applied. This is similar to how tail and grep work, but for windows.

Combine Log Files

With LogViewPlus, you can open as many log files as you need and press a button to combine them. Merged log file entries are automatically sorted by date so the information appears to be written by a single process. Merging log files can give you greater insight into how multiple processes are interacting with each other. Merged files can apply tail cumulatively. With LogViewPlus you are always looking at the latest log entries.

Quick Statistics

Have you ever counted the number of errors in a log file?

You are a techie - of course you love statistics. We do too. That’s why we put statistics for your log file right on the main window. As soon as you open a log file you can quickly start to get a feel for what it is telling you.

Want to go deeper? Detailed graphs and statistics can be generated for both the entire log file and the current filter. You can view log entry distribution over time or graph data from a particular data column. LogViewPlus is kind of like Excel for log files.


Extend LogViewPlus to suit your unique needs.

Log files are like snowflakes. They are all unique and beautiful in their own special way. We have put a lot of work into LogViewPlus to help you get the most from your log files, but nobody knows your log files better than you. That is why we built LogViewPlus to be extensible. The ability to build additional features into the application – like custom filters and parsers – has always been a core part of the application design.

Large File Support

Struggling with 4GB log files in notepad?

LogViewPlus loves large log files. You can open a 500 MB log file in about 30 seconds (depending on your hardware). Opening larger files is constrained only by the amount of memory you have on your machine.

But LogViewPlus can also do something a bit smarter. It can divide the file into chunks and let you decide which chunk you are interested in. Chunk sizes are set at 10 MB, 25 MB, 50 MB and 100 MB so you can decide how much data you need. You can open multiple chunks and consolidate if needed.

Look & Feel

When you spend all day in and out of log files, you want to be using an application that is responsive and looks nice. That's why we put a lot of effort into creating a high performance application with a customizable appearance.

Fully Supported

When you purchase LogViewPlus, you are getting a professional product:

  • We take bugs seriously so you can expect LogViewPlus to 'just work'.
  • All of our products are code signed and guaranteed virus free.
  • If you have any problems with LogViewPlus, we will fix it.
  • Our success is dependent on your success.

We work hard to make simple, rock solid software.
If something is not right, we are here to help.

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