Specifier Arguments

The topics covered previously in this chapter address most parsing needs.  However, over the years we have come across a few edge cases where additional logic is needed to modify the default parsing behaviour.  LogViewPlus address these edge cases by supporting specifier arguments which are like command line arguments for conversion specifiers.

Specifier arguments should always begin with a hyphen.  Where other arguments are used in the conversion specifier they should appear before the specifier argument. 

The following specifier arguments are currently supported.

The configured message is in the CLEF log format used by loggers such as Serilog.  LogViewPlus will parse the message and substitute any JSON parameters found and provide the message in a human readable format.
Configures the priority field to require a known value.  Values are comma separated and case sensitive.  If the parser cannot match a known value, the parse will fail.
%m{"-name:My Message"}
Renames a given column.  However, we recommend using the default column names where possible.  The preferred way to rename a column is to use the %s specifier.
Once parsed, the given date time should be offset by the given number of milliseconds.  The supplied value can be positive or negative.  This allows dates to be modified at the parser level rather than the file level.

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