Command Line

LogViewPlus supports the following command line options.  This help is also available by executing logviewplus.exe /? at the command line.  Note that LogViewPlus is not placed into your system PATH by default.  Therefore it is necessary to navigate to the installation directory before executing the commands.  The default installation directory is %LocalAppData%\Programs\LogViewPlus for a per-user installation or %ProgramFiles(x86)%\LogViewPlus for a system wide installation.


LogViewPlus [-?] [-lastworkspace] [-workspace:name] file1path file2path

-? Displays the command line usage.

-lastworkspace Opens the last viewed workspace if available.  Note that LogViewPlus automatically saves your current workspace every 15 seconds.

-workspace:name Opens the workspace specified by the 'name' variable if available.  If the workspace does not exist, the command will be ignored.


LogViewPlus file1path file2path - Opens file1path and file2path. Note that full file paths are expected.

LogViewPlus "-workspace:My Worksapce" file1path - Opens the workspace named 'My Worksapce' as well as file1.

Advanced command line options are discussed in Admin Actions.

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