Searching for Files

Searching for Files

LogViewPlus supports a basic file search by file name.  Note that file contents are not accessed by the LogViewPlus search.


Search Bar

1. Search Bar

To execute a file search in LogViewPlus, simply enter your search text in the search bar and press return or click the apply button.  Once a search is started the apply button will change to allow you to cancel the in progress search. All LogViewPlus searches are recursive starting at the currently selected directory.

Only file names and directory names will be searched.  LogViewPlus will not inspect the contents of the files.

Note that the asterisk character (*) is optional when used at the beginning or end of a search command.  Searching by wildcard is implied. You can think of a search for ".log" to really mean "*.log*".



2. Path

The path column shows the path to a given search result relative to the currently selected directory.


Search Results

3. Search Results

Search results are displayed in the log file list. Text matched by the file name search appears highlighted.

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