Workspace Menu

Workspace Menu

The workspace context menu is available whenever you right-click on an empty area in the log management control.


Sort View

1. Sort View

You can sort your workspace either alphabetically (ascending or descending) or by the order in which items were created.  Sorting occurs independently at each level of the tree. 


Expand All

2. Expand All

Expands all levels in the tree.


Collapse All

3. Collapse All

Collapses all levels in the tree.


File From Clipboard

4. File From Clipboard

Writes the clipboard contents to a temporary file and then attempts to automatically parse the file.  This command is useful when your log entries are extracted from another program and not yet available as a file.


Open Workspace

5. Open Workspace

The open workspace command will show a list of all saved workspaces.  Selecting a workspace will apply it to the current view.


Save Workspace

6. Save Workspace

Saves the current workspace.  If the workspace has not previously been saved, you will be prompted to provide a workspace name.



7. Close

The close command brings up a sub-menu of different close options:

Close All
Closes all log files, filters, and directory monitors.
Close All But This
Closes all log files and filters except for the selected file.
Close Source Files
Closes all source log files.  Available for merge files only.
Close All Filters
Closes all filters across all log files.
Close View
Closes the current view.


Close Workspace

8. Close Workspace

Closes all log files, filters, and directory monitors.

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