Report Settings

Report Settings

Before executing a report command, LogViewPlus will export the currently selected log file as a CSV file. The CSV file export will be provided as an argument to the report command. 

A report command might be used for tasks like opening a log file in Excel.

The report command settings are:

1.  Reference Name: The reference name is a display name that can be associated with this command configuration. The reference name helps you easily identify the command.

2.  Executable: The full path to the target executable or batch file to be run.

3.  Run Directory:  If the process you are trying to start needs to be started from a specific directory, you can optionally configure the run directory.

4.  Export Date Format: Sets the date string format of the resulting export.  The timestamp can also be converted into an alternate time zone.

5.  Arguments:  Arguments are the parameters used when starting the target application. LogViewPlus also supports a small set of optional argument templates.

6.  Prompt for arguments:  If the arguments used to start your target application change frequently you can optionally configure LogViewPlus to prompt you. This will give you the opportunity to change the arguments before the target application is executed.  This option is selected by default.

7.  Run as Admin:  If required, you can optionally configure LogViewPlus to run the target application as Admin.

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