Data Sources

Data Sources

Beginning in LogViewPlus v2.4, we introduced support for data sources in LogViewPlus.  A data source is simply any non-file based source which may contain log entries.  Currently, we support the following data sources:

1.  Databases - LogViewPlus currently supports SQL Server, Oracle, My SQL, PostgreSql and SqLite databases.  If you have an additional database you would like to connect to that has a .Net adapter, please contact support for assistance.

2.  Windows Events - Read directly from a local or remote Windows Event Log.

3.  Syslog - Reads events from a Syslog server.

4.  ETW Events - Reads an Event Tracing for Windows stream.

5.  UDP - Reads events from a UDP broadcast stream.

Once configured, data source log files will be accessible through the Log Explorer.

Do you have an idea for an additional data source?  Contact us and let us know.  We are always looking for ways to improve LogViewPlus.


Data Source List

1. Data Source List

The complete list of all known data sources.  Double click on a data source to modify the connection details.



2. Add

The add data source command will display a drop down of all of the data source types currently supported by LogViewPlus. 

Selecting one of these data sources will open the appropriate new configuration dialog.



3. Clone

When cloning a data source connection LogViewPlus will open the currently selected configuration. You can then make changes to the data source configuration and save your changes as a new connection.



4. Edit

The edit command opens the data source configuration form for the currently selected configuration.  Saving changes will overwrite the current data source settings.



5. Delete

The delete command can be used to permanently remove the currently selected data source configuration.

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