Fonts & Colors

Fonts & Colors

The Fonts & Colors setting configuration can be used to change the visual style of LogViewPlus including specifing how long entries of a given information level should be displayed in the log entries grid.


Skin Select

1. Skin Select

The highlight style drop down allows you to choose one of the 12 preset configurations. The preset configurations can act as a starting point for your own custom style.


Reset All Skins

2. Reset All Skins

Resets all custom font and color settings back to the application default for all skins.



3. Font

The font input boxes allow you to choose the font style and size. This font will be used by the log entries grid.


Color Settings

4. Color Settings

The color settings allows you to specify the foreground color and background color for a given log level.

By default, only primary log levels have a custom appearance. Secondary log levels will be colour coded based on their primary assignments.


Add Level

5. Add Level

Allows you to add a secondary log level to the Color Settings grid. Once added, you will be able to define a custom font colour and background colour.


Example Grid

6. Example Grid

The example grid gives you a real-time presentation of the current grid configuration settings. This allows you to see what your custom grid will look like without you having to commit your changes.

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