The general settings section contains configuration options which affect the overall behavior of LogViewPlus.


Startup Settings

1. Startup Settings

Startup settings allow you to specify:

1. If LogViewPlus will check for updates automatically on startup. Checking for updates automatically can be disabled by setting the 'OfflineMode' flag in the application configuration file. This will also disable manual error reporting.

2. If LogViewPlus should start maximized.

3. If LogViewPlus should start in full screen mode with the ribbon minimized. Also note that you can run LogViewPlus in full screen mode by pressing F11.

4. If LogViewPlus should run as as a top most window. If selected, LogViewPlus will run above other windows. Set this to true if you want LogViewPlus to always be visible.

5. If LogViewPlus should run as a single instance. Changing this option will require an application restart.

6. If LogViewPlus should save and restore to the same window position. This option will only be available if the application is running in a single instance mode because the setting does not add value if multiple windows can be opened.


View Settings

2. View Settings

View settings allow you to specify:

1. If LogViewPlus should display the "basic parser detected" alert. This alert is shown when no parser configuration could be found and LogViewPlus defaults to using the BasicParser.

2. If the escape key (ESC) can be used to close a view. A view can be either a filter or a log file. Note that the delete key can always be used to close a view.

3. If the last known workspace should automatically be opened after LogViewPlus is started. This setting is helpful if you frequently work with the same log files.

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