The Program toolbar is used to manage actions related to configuring and getting help for LogViewPlus.



1. Settings

The config command opens the application settings.


How to Videos

2. How to Videos

The 'How to Videos' command can be used to open a window which contains a series of links pointing to the Quick Video Examples which we have included in the documentation. These videos are a great way to quickly get up to speed with LogViewPlus.


Check for Updates

3. Check for Updates

Checks for updates to your currently installed LogViewPlus version. This command requires an Internet connection. In the event of connection difficulty, for example, if LogViewPlus is unable to authenticate through your proxy server, you will need to download updates from the website.


Contact Us

4. Contact Us

If you have an e-mail client installed locally on your machine. This command will open an e-mail with an e-mail address and subject ready to be sent to LogViewPlus support. This command uses the "mailto:" action.

Also, note that you can always contact us by using our online contact form. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or feedback on LogViewPlus.


Online Tutorials

5. Online Tutorials

The 'online tutorials' command takes you to the videos section of the LogViewPlus website which contains a series of detailed video tutorials.



6. Register

The register button begins the LogViewPlus registration process. Note that once this process is completed the register command will be removed.



7. Documentation

The documentation command takes you to the online documentation.



8. Skins

Skins command can be used to change the look and feel of LogViewPlus.

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