Parser Testing

Parser Testing

Parser configuration can be tricky and it may take a few attempts to get it right. Using the testing tab of the parser settings dialog, you can input a few sample log entries and use the current unsaved parser configuration to try to parse those log entries. If parsing is successful, LogViewPlus will display a dialog containing the number of log entries parsed.  In the example above, we expect LogViewPlus to tell us that two log entries have been successfully parsed.

Testing your log parser configuration in this way is generally easier than closing and reopening your target log file. Note that test data will be saved along with other parser configuration settings.



1. Sample 
Log Entries

Sample log entries can be placed in the large text area provided.


Parse Status

2. Parse Status

The parse status shows the number of log entries that have been successfully parsed.  If an error occurred during parsing, an error message will be displayed instead.  This information will only be displayed after the sample log entries have been tested.


Test Settings

3. Test Settings

Once you have entered your sample log entries, you can test your parser using the 'Test' command.

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