Parser Mappings

Parser Mappings

The 'log parser mappings' setting configuration is used to determine how a given log file will be processed. The rules for determining how a log file is processed are keyed off of the log file name. LogViewPlus will try to match the log filename using the first filename pattern. If the first file name pattern doesn't match, LogViewPlus will move its second file name pattern and so on until a match is found. Once a match is found LogViewPlus will use the parser configured for that match. In the event that no match is found, LogViewPlus will parse the file using the basic parser.

You can find out more about the Log Parsers available in LogViewPlus.



1. Parsers

The parsers grid shows the currently configured parsers. This grid is read-only.

The 'Name' column will display the file name pattern for the parser configuration if a friendly name has not been provided.



2. Reorder

You can use the ordering commands on the far right side of the log parser mappings configuration to specify the order in which file name patterns are processed.


Parser Wizard

3. Parser Wizard

The Parser Wizard can be used to guide you through the process of selecting and configuring a LogViewPlus parser. Please see the Parser Wizard documentation for more information.


Parser Management

4. Parser Management

The parser management commands located at the bottom of the log parser mapping configuration allow you to add, edit and delete log parser mappings.

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