Text Filters

Text Filters

The text filter options allow you to set the default options that should be used when creating a text filter.


Text Search Options

1. Text Search Options

The text search options allow you to specify:

1. If text searches should be case-sensitive by default. For example, should a search for "error" also match "ERROR"?

2. If text searches should match the whole word by default by default. For example, should a search for "or" also match "error".

3. If text searches should use regular expressions by default. Enable this setting if you are familiar with and frequently use regular expressions.


Search Results

2. Search Results

If the search results checkbox is enabled then whenever you create a new text filter the results of the filter will be added to the search results window. Additionally, the new filter will not be automatically selected. This will allow you to quickly search a parent filter using the contents of the search result window.

This feature allows you to search for text in a way that may feel more familiar if you are used to searching for text in applications like Notepad++ or Visual Studio.



3. Highlights

Highlight options allow you to specify:

1. If LogViewPlus should create a global highlight whenever a text filter is created.

2. If LogViewPlus should use different colors when creating highlights. Note that you can always explicitly set a highlight color.

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