ETW Event Tracing

Documentation coming soon! This feature was added in June of 2020 in the v2.4.31 release.

To view ETW logs in LogViewPlus there are two requirements which are a bit unusual.

First, you need to run LogViewPlus with the appropriate permissions. You can run LogViewPlus as Admin for simplicity, but we recommend running with the minimum permission requred. The minimum level of security will depend on your requirements. Find out more about the EventAccessControl function.

Second, you will need to download and install the ETW Add-On (link is pending the v2.4.31 release) for LogViewPlus. This add on is installed as a Custom Extension. To install the add-on, you will need to:

1. Extract the contents of the zip file into the %AppData%\LogViewPlus\Plugins directory.

2. Enable plugins in the LogViewPlus application settings.

3. Restart LogViewPlus.

We made the decision to include ETW datasource support as an add-on because:

1. It increases licensing complexity due to the dependency on non-standard Microsoft libraries.

2. It would increase the size of the standard LogViewPlus installation.

3. At this time, we feel the appeal of this feature is limited to a relatively small subset of our users.

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