ETW Event Tracing

Documentation coming soon! This feature will be added in the v2.5 release.

ETW event tracing is now supported in LogViewPlus as an Add-On. Note that the ETW Add-On was introduced in LogViewPlus v2.5 and is not supported in earlier versions.

The ETW Add-On is not installed as part of the standard installation process. To install it, you must first download the ETW Add On as a ZIP file. The contents of the file should be then be extracted to the %AppData%\LogViewPlus\Plugins directory. This will create the %AppData%\LogViewPlus\Plugins\Etw directory which should contain 24 items (two folders and 22 files).

Next, you will need to enable plugins if you have not done so already. Finally, you will need to restart LogViewPlus. Note that LogViewPlus must be run as an administrator in order to access ETW event streams.

We are currently working to improve this documentation. Having trouble? Please let us know.

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