LogViewPlus can use a read Syslog events from a local or remote machine.

Syslog uses a defined message format. It is not necessary to configure a parser when processing Syslog messages.


Friendly Name

1. Friendly Name

A friendly name is simply a name for the server it is easy to remember. If a friendly name is not provided, the server name and port number will be used instead.

The name provided will be used to build a URI which can be used to refer to this server. For this reason, the name provided must be URI friendly - it should not contain characters or symbols which are difficult to represent in URI form.


Category Name

2. Category Name

A friendly category is a group name where this server can be categorized. This field is not required.

If you have previously configured a server with a friendly category, this category will be available as a drop-down option. Alternatively you can type a new name into the category text box.


Server Name

3. Server Name

The server that is publishing the Syslog data.



4. Port

The port where the Syslog data is published.



5. Protocol

The protocol that should be used when listening for Syslog data. The protocol can be UDP, TCP or both.



6. Test

Validates and tests the provided configuration.


Save / Cancel

7. Save / Cancel

Once you have configured your listener, you can use the save command to persist your changes. Once your changes have been saved the configured listener will be immediately available in the folder tree view.

Use the "Cancel" command to return to LogViewPlus without saving your changes.

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